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Last week I was staying in Birmingham, England, which is known for its huge market. I was going through the mall and the market, and I'm pretty broke at this point in my journey, so I'm only buying the essentials and a few commodities. So I found a stand that sold cheese and bread. I already had some food at my hostel, but this was cheap, and I needed some for the road anyways. So I bought about £6 worth of some DELICIOUS cheddar and sunflower bread (which is roughly $450), and brought it back home to my hostel and got ready to leave for Plymouth the next morning.
But the next morning, the kitchen was locked. All my food (4 rolls of sunflower bread, a brick of cheddar, Gouda, and brie, and a pack of couscous) were all inside. It was 7am, my bus left at 7:30, and the kitchen wouldn't open until 8.
I waited around for an angel to descend and reunite me with my food, but one never came, and I had to make the hard choice to leave it behind.
This was several days ago, and I'm still pretty bitter about it. I've since replaced my lost friends at a local grocery store, but its not the same. It will never be the same.
However, I can rest easy knowing that the hostel will not let my cheese go to waste, and they will bless its goodness to other travellers. 
Knowing this, I think I can be at peace, and I can say goud bye to my lost cheese.
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New Character by DorkyPumpkin
New Character
Yeesh, when was the last time I uploaded anything to this account....
Anyhooo...this is just kind of an update telling those of you who came over from my main account that I haven't died yet. I'll be back home sometime in July with new chapters and pictures, but right now I'm waterlogged and taking rides from strangers up in nowhere land. Didn't wanna spam my main watchers with crap quality doodles, so I'll spam you guys instead. Because you knew what you were getting into when you followed this account. This is on you.

So here's a picture of a new character named Kaja. He's Sidney's brother and caretaker (Sidney is another newbie). I haven't uploaded any pictures of him before, except for all of the ones that I have. ....He's not new.

I haven't seen the sun in six days.
Sres Palk Idea Sheet by DorkyPumpkin
Sres Palk Idea Sheet
If anyone gets the reference at the bottom, I will immediately become your best friend forever and run away with you.

So I think I've got her basic physical structure down. Sparkles here still needs a race, personality, and name though. I seriously need to give her a real's not likely, but there's a chance I'll get tired of the 'Sres Palk' joke eventually. But probably not. Either way, Sres Palk deserves a serious name.

When I get home I'll use my roommate's scanner to upload a better version of this. (But lets be real, I'm not gonna do that.)
SoLL Valentine's Day Cards by DorkyPumpkin
SoLL Valentine's Day Cards
Because I have no shame.

Alternative cards for Kaja:
I'll sail your seven seas
Let's raise a child together
I'm not limp with you

For Sidney:
You illuminate my life

For Arden:
Let me see through more than just your mind

This is what the single people do on this day.
When you see it... by DorkyPumpkin
When you see it...
I'm not sorry.
So this is Sparkles--I mean, Sres Palk.

This is reeaalllyy not how I imaged her coming out. I think I originally planned on making her pale skin and blonde (?), but then she came out like this. And so here she is, with her trusty sidekick Vavs (V4V59871). But if I'm being honest with myself, her appearance will probably go through a drastic change half-way through the story. Like, Latina to ginger kind of change. But we'll see.

Originally I wasn't going to give her a really detailed backstory, but then I decided to not do that instead. So buckle down, because this one's a doozy:

Sparkles was born into a fairly well-off family, but they lived in a not-so-good city. When she was about three years old, members of a notorious gang broke into her house to rob the place. Her parents tried to stop them and protect her, but both of them were killed and the gang members escaped. They would've killed Sres as well, but the police got to her house in time to scare off the robbers. Unfortunately, the damage they did to her arm forced a full amputation.
After both of her parents were killed, Sres moved out of the city and into a nice/safer city. Around the time she was ten or elven, she started to see a change in her mom. The robbers caused more than just physical and financial damage to her family, and her mom started to become cruel and abusive towards Sres. She would take out her anger and fear on Sparkles, and eventually got to the point of physically hurting her. One night it got so bad, her mom cut up the child, who tried to defend herself but only made it worse. By the time she got away from her mom and got to safety, she had lost her arm.
Sres realized then that she couldn't keep being weak. When she got out of the hospital, she ran away from home and found refuge in an academy, who gave her a scholarship for her situation. At the academy, she was trained physically and mentally to be able to fight and take action in the police force.
She graduated at 17, where she immediately joined OCRA (Organized Crime Revision Agency). Working with OCRA, Sparkles was able to get surgery for a robotic prosthetic arm (which connects to the parietal lobe of her brain and allows full control) and was able to help prevent more people from suffering from the same fate as she did.

And if you're wondering how she lost her left arm, she went out on a scouting mission in training, and had a run in with a bear. She survived, but she lost her arm.

Fun fact: She is ripped. I'm talking six-pack, thigh-gap, only-eats-protein kind of ripped. Look at those calves. Dang.
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